Sunday, 7 October 2012

My Addictions with Things not Drugs

hi i'm chesca and i love HARRY POTTER, AVATAR THE LEGEND OF AANG,UNION JACKS,AMERICAN FLAGS,THE AVENGERS and CAPTAIN AMERICA. i do like a lots of things in my life but i love my collections some much. i tend to get to attached to things like a glue i never did like harry potter whenever people talk about it i tell them it's not even nice but when my friend nina pineda told me to watch with her since she's a harry potter fan and i'm not i told her okay we watched the seventh movie part 2 after watching that and the movie was over i was like "I LOVE HARRY POTTER" i think we watched the movie thrice.Once i got home i told my mom about my addiction and searched for harry potter things online and went to and saw wands and costumes and i told my mom i want those but it was online but since my aunt's cousin or something lives in america we told her what i wanted and they bought them yay!!! i'm so late when nina told me that movie was the last harry potter film i was crying inside and i was like nooooo!!!!! oh well you never know. I think i told my mom that i didn't want to study at Brightwoods anymore she told me "saan kita lilipat?" I told her sa Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry hahahaha here are some pictures

I HAVE SWAG! can i go to Hogwarts now?

and my second collection is union jacks and american flags i don't know i suddenly wanted to collect things that have union jack in it but i also started collecting american flags because of captain america i also love the show Avatar the Legend of Aang it's a nice show and i almost cried because they are going to replace it with a new one The Legend of Korra i don't care if it's the same thing i still love Avatar Aang he's the coolest i used to love watching avatar aang again and again when i was younger and i grew up still watching it cause it's cool

Avatar Nails

Union Jack Nails

My third collection is Marvel things just like CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!. I recently liked captain america, I was watching the avengers that time and i was like in my mind "shet ang hot ni Captain America" I suddenly got addicted to marvel but the movie wasn't quite clear to me yet, for me to understand the movie i need to watch Captain America The First Avenger and i was like it's okay seeing chris evans and his gorgeous face is great so i turned my brother's laptop on he also likes captain america by the way i think. So I watched the movie and guess what i totally fell in love with Captain America have you even seen his face?! it's nakakahimatay hahaha i also drew him for our work ed thingy and his eyes did not turn out great. Well, I'm a beginner! probably in the future i'll be the greatest artist in the world (my world)  Captain America is so POGI!  i'm speechless lol joking i also like transformers am i weird now? am i a glue now? I told you so that I tend to get to attached to things i feel like watching the movie right now but i'm too lazy 
i wonder when and what will be my next great addiction stay tuned lol
i took a shower here and my hair is just weird 
just look at the case and that's my bother francis sleeping

this took time and effort!



Saturday, 6 October 2012


so i'm here to talk about sportsfest i'm going to be honest i didn't like this years sportsfest maybe it's beacuse they removed a lot of games and had a lot of changes i don't know why but i just don't like it maybe because last year we had one week to prepare for sportsfest meaning we don't have to study for a whole week .Last years sportsfest was a harry potter theme and i do love harry potter this year it was the four elements and i do love my avatar "pwede ba next year AVENGERS naman?" can i join CAPTAIN AMERICA's team? :)) .Sportsfest to me is also as a day when people take pictures of you and you look like sh*t  poo because people take random pictures of you while your shouting,running or just standing

just like this one
and this one

or even this one  (sorry josh and hofmann)

Sportsfest was fun because we won that's it  worked hard we played as a team and played fair maybe. Our team was called the yellow ZEPHYROS 

last years sportsfest i was on the yellow team and this year i was also on the yellow team which was great i never thought that we would win because we were last at the dance competition but we still won i was shocked when they announced that we won because in our minds we knew weren't going to win but WE WON!!! . you know what's weird that last year the yellow team was last place at banner making and cheerdance competition but they won and this year the yellow team were last place at dance competition and they won. IS YELLOW A LUCKY COLOR? :)) can Captain America join the yellow team next year? so i'm going to end it here so bye!!!!! 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Spreading Kindness All Over The World


I want to start this off by saying isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen?!?! This quote means that our purpose in life is that we should all help each other we should all work hand in hand, helping others in their time of need and not neglecting them whether rich or poor. This picture has a lot of meaning or stories it could be the dog is leaving the puppy somewhere and neglecting it. It can also be that the dog is leaving the puppy in a place where a peson can find it and take care of it but for me the meaning of this picture is that probably the two dogs were lost and trying to find their way home but the puppy got tired since puppies have shorter legs and the dog did not want to leave it so the dog thought of a way probably the dog found the basket somewhere and carried the puppy home. Being kind is one of the best things in life and we should all try our best to help each other.

Now here's my story one morning my mom told me she was going to manila to renew something i thought to myself this is my chance to go shopping cause we rarely go to manila now except for my brothers -_- they don't even study anymore! back to my story so i was right we went shopping so i asked my frined czarina or cza (za-rina) to come and she said "okay" so we went to forever 21 which was great it was actually my first time to shop there we don't usually go there my mom likes zara and mango "arte ng mama ko" but i wanted to go there i bought lots of things after seeing forever 21 my mom liked it there. Forever 21 in megamall was quite big but suddenly i realized my friend had nothing because she was with me and not with her parents so i told her to pick something and told me a necklace so i got it and she changed her mind she wanted the shoes since it's almost the same price but i bought both once we were done shopping we went home and once we reached our house i was excited because i had new clothes so i went inside my room and checked what i bought but since it was really late my friend had to go home i gave her the shoes we bought but by the last minute i thought about the necklace which she also wanted but she chose the shoes i also bought the necklace because it was nice so i thought about giving it to her but i really loved the necklace but suddenly i thought to myself "do i really need this i have lots of necklaces that i don't even use" so eventually I gave it to her i had this feeling inside of me that was great giving something i like is very hard for but it was worth it. She wore the necklace all the time and told me it was her favorite it was great! but for me 


here's a picture of what she bought 

here's my friend cza